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Honours and Awards of The Calgary Highlanders

The Calgary Highlanders have always had their service recognized in a variety of ways, both individually and collectively. The most important form of group recognition has traditionally been the award of Battle Honours in recognition of combat service as a formed unit. The oak leaf shoulder titles worn by the regiment are also a unique form of distinction, described fully in the section on Traditions.

Many Monuments have been erected at home and abroad to commemorate the Regiment's war service; approximately 1,900 war graves are also mute testimony to the sacrifice of soldiers of the Regiment in the two world wars.

Medals, Decorations and Orders have always been a tangible form of individual recognition; the Regiment proudly numbers two of Canada's Victoria Cross holders among its fallen veterans. The colourful ribbons of the insignia for these awards are granted not just for sacrifice on the battlefield, but to mark long service, good conduct, active service abroad, bravery, and merit.

Above average service while training at home is recognized annually by an extensive catalogue of regimental trophies and awards, and The Calgary Highlanders have also created a unique system of individual recognition all its own with the Clan of the Gallant Canadians, the last unofficial Regimental Order in the British Commonwealth since the time of Oliver Cromwell.

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