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Regimental Museum and Archives

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The Calgary Highlanders Museum has created one of five permanent galleries at The Military Museums in Calgary, Alberta across from the former site of Currie Barracks and Canadian Forces Base Calgary. The Museum also boasts an extensive archive of documents and artifacts pertaining to the history of The Calgary Highlanders. The gallery, open for public display whenever The Military Museums are operating, chronicles the evolution of the 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles), 10th Battalion and The Calgary Highlanders.

Life size dioramas depict the grim realities of war and are vivid reminders of the heroism of Canadian soldiers, their significant battles and achievements. Together with photographs, documents, medals, weapons and uniforms, the gallery unfolds the history of this proud regiment through two World Wars, as a source of volunteers for UN and NATO Missions throughout the world, as a training unit during times of peace, and in the War on Terror. The links above will take you on a brief Virtual Tour of the regimental gallery.

The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Museum and Archives holds information about the 103rd Calgary Rifles, the 10th Battalion CEF, the 56th Battalion CEF, the 82nd Battalion CEF and the Calgary Highlanders. For enquiries relating to family history, please send an e-mail to the address below and include as much detail as possible about the person in question (Surname, given name, service number, rank, years of service etc.). It should be noted that we do not hold personnel files and that these can be requested through Library and Archives Canada. The Museum is staffed on a part-time basis by volunteers, so it can take up to one month to reply to enquiries.

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Please Contact the Museum if you have any questions regarding the History of The Calgary Highlanders.

Regimental Museum:

Museum Curators:
Major Peter J. Boyle, CD, ADC
Sergeant Dennis Russell, CD

Archivist: Mister Mike Henry

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