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Photos - 10th Battalion, CEF, 1914-1918

All photos are thumbnailed, click to enlarge

Pa50-13.jpg (30377 bytes) coboyle.jpg (15928 bytes)

At left - Signals Detachment of the 10th Battalion.  Note the US made Colt machineguns, which would remain a standard issue weapon until 1917.  These troops are all wearing the Canadian designed service dress tunics, which would prove to be inferior to the British issue and eventually replaced.  The stiff forage caps would also be replaced in the trenches with unstiffened caps, and by 1916 with steel trench helmets.

At right - the first Commanding Officer of the Tenth Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Russ Boyle.  A tall, rough-and-tough former cavalryman, veteran of the South African War, and Alberta rancher, one of Boyle's first acts upon arriving in England was to parade the battalion, throw his coat to the ground, and announce to his men that anyone who wanted to "punch the hell out of me" could take the opportunity then and there.  No one took him up on it.  Boyle was fatally wounded by machine gun fire in the attack on Kitcheners' Wood on the night of 22-23 April 1915 and succumbed after his evacuation from the battlefield.

Pa52-77.jpg (18919 bytes)
The Tenth Battalion trains at Salisbury Plain.  Above, marching past Stonehenge, below - bayonet practice with the Ross rifle.

Pa52-75.jpg (21434 bytes)

Pa50-1.jpg (14510 bytes)

Another early war shot, showing the tight fitting Candian uniforms and Ross rifles.

Tenth Battalion does the morning wash, Abeele, France, May 1916.

DND/Library and Archives Canada/PA-000003

10battalion1.jpg (192832 bytes)
Camp Cooks, Abeele, France, May 1916.

DND/Library and Archives Canada/PA-000009

10battalion2.jpg (129302 bytes)
Tenth Battalion tents, Abeele, France, May 1916.

DND/Library and Archives Canada/PA-000001

10battalion3.jpg (153100 bytes)
Just out of the trenches, Abeele, France, May 1916.

DND/Library and Archives Canada/PA-000004


10battalion4.jpg (127340 bytes)
Church parade, Abeele, France, May 1916.   The band of the Tenth Battalion would suffer heavy losses later in the war.

DND/Library and Archives Canada/PA-000032


10battalion5.jpg (66650 bytes)

Pa50-8.jpg (28881 bytes)
General Currie, commander of the Canadian Corps, is seen here in September 1917 decorating Tenth Battalion men for bravery at Vimy Ridge and Arleux.   The man being decorated is the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Tenth, identified by the brass Royal Coat of Arms on his sleeve and the Sam Browne belt he is wearing - the only non-commissioned soldier in the regiment to be permitted this distinction of dress.

10th.jpg (113402 bytes)

Tenth Battalion NCOs, probably taken in early 1918.  Sitting at far left is Lance Corporal Joseph Milne, MM and 2 Bars.  The only member of the battalion, and the first Canadian, to win the Military Medal three times.  Joseph Milne died of wounds received in action on 1 September 1918.  At least one Japanese-Canadian is featured, the Corporal sitting third from the left.   Photo courtesy of Dave Vose, son of Major Ernest Vose, DCM.  Click photo to enlarge.

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