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Regimental Videos


Duration 16 minutes 47 seconds

This interview is part of a project to interview army reservists in Alberta about their experiences on overseas deployments. CWO Chris Tucker (Calgary Highlanders) was a young Canadian army reservist when he served with the 3 PPCLI Battle Group on Op HARMONY in Croatia (1992-93). He describes their inadequate work-up training in Victoria and Wainwright, the shock of his first week in theatre ("This is not Cyprus"), assisting wounded civilians wounded in an ambush, and his muted homecoming in 1993. CWO Tucker is the regimental sergeant major of the Calgary Highlanders. He has completed four overseas deployments.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 16 minutes 57 seconds

George Morasch describes his experiences landing in Normandy in July 1944 and what it was like when his regiment, the Calgary Highlanders, captured Hill 67 south of Caen. George didn't talk about his wartime experiences for 50 years...not until he and his wife Fern participated in a battlefield tour in July 1995. This interview was recorded 4 March 2016 at their home in Calgary.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 1 hour 23 minutes

In April 2015 the Calgary Highlanders conducted a battlefield pilgrimage to Europe that included a ceremony in London's Green Park, a meeting with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Canada House, and ceremonies at Vimy Ridge, St Julien and Ypres (among other sites). The tour coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Canadian counterattack at St Julien (Kitcheners) Wood, 22 April 1915 during the Second Battle of Ypres. One memorable highlight was the community supper organized for the regiment and the Canadian Scottish by Belgians living in the area of the former battlefield. The Highlanders and the Can Scots perpetuate the 10th and 16th Battalions, Canadian Expeditionary Force (respectively). They were accompanied by members of the British Columbia Dragoons (including Canada's new Minister of Defence) and several other regiments.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 6 minutes 26 seconds

Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Vernon, CD interviews Calgary Highlander veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

Interviews with five Calgary Highlanders who served in Afghanistan. Includes their personal photos, as well as video of 1 RCR Battle Group in Nakhonay (from the documentary Desert Lions: Canadian Forces Mentors in Kandahar) and some Combat Camera footage. In January 2015 the Chief of Defence Staff awarded the Calgary Highlanders the Canadian Forces Unit Commendation. The Highlanders contributed more soldiers to the Canadian Army in Afghanistan than any other Army Reserve regiment.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 60 minutes

Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Vernon, CD interviews Second World War vet Lyle Ricker.

Lyle Ricker recounts his experiences as a corporal with the Calgary Highlanders in northwest Europe 1944-45. His anecdotes relate to Nijmegen, Walcheren Causeway, and other battles. On the day the war ended he and his fellow soldiers used their German Lugers and P38s to shoot out the chandeliers in a hotel in Oldenburg. That was the best day of the war, in his opinion. The worst was when he and others were pinned down in the Hochwald forest, being fired upon by Canadians and Germans at the same time. As part of his adventures he also explored a Nazi "stud farm". Lyle's in his 90s now, but his anecdotes are well told, with some memorable turns of phrase--for example, he describes his five-day leave in Brussels as "a soldier's holiday: soft arms and hard liquor."

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 8 minutes

On 9 January 2015 the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Tom Lawson, presented the Calgary Highlanders with the Canadian Forces Unit Commendation. Between 2003 and 2011, 105 members of the regiment voluntarily completed 126 deployments to Afghanistan, more than any other Army Reserve regiment. On Saturday, 10 January, the regiment held a second parade, attended by Alberta's Premier Jim Prentice, Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi, and many others. LCol Kyle Clapperton is the unit commanding officer and CWO Chris Tucker is its regimental sergeant major.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 31 minutes

During the 2013 flood, more than 500 army reservists from Alberta and Yellowknife quickly volunteered to help in Calgary. These members of 41 Canadian Brigade Group were designated Task Force Silvertip. Their contribution during Operation Lentus was short-lived but historic for the Army Reserve. This video chronicles the role they played 21-24 June 2013.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 13 minutes 34 sec

On 11 September 2013, LCol Mike Owens handed over command of the Calgary Highlanders, an army reserve unit, to LCol Kyle Clapperton. The parade took place at the regiment's home, Calgary's historic Mewata Armoury. The reviewing officer was LCol Eppo van Weelderen, deputy commander of 41 Canadian Brigade Group. This event was recorded for the Calgary Highlanders History Project.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon

Duration 6 minutes 41 sec

Short video chronicling the experiences of a platoon of Calgary Highlanders serving with Task Force SILVERTIP during the Alberta Floods on June 22, 2013, and the part they played assisting municipal authorities during flood relief activities in the community of Inglewood, Calgary.

Duration 5 minutes 38 sec

On a weekend in October 2011, The Calgary Highlanders deployed to Alberta's scenic Porcupine Hills to practice their fieldcraft and patrolling skills.

Duration 2 minutes 49 sec

The Calgary Highlanders were granted the ancient privilege of the Freedom of the City of Calgary in 1964, though the tradition itself dates back to medieval times. Each year, the regiment commemorates the Battle of St. Julien, and its own memorable counter-attack at Kitcheners' Wood on 22 April 1915, most often by combining the Freedom of the City ritual with other activities on what is now known as St. Julien's Day. This video shows the regiment returning to Mewata Armouries after exercising its right to the Freedom of the City on 16 April 2011.

Duration 17 minutes

Since 1952, The Calgary Highlanders have conducted an annual social exchange with their National Guard counterparts the 1/161st Infantry, alternating each Labour Day weekend between Calgary and Spokane, Washington. It took 50 years before the two units were able to conduct some actual military training together. That happened 5-7 April 2002 and included a 12-mile forced march. Later that year they marked the 50th anniversary of their friendship with a formal celebration at Spokane's newly-renovated Davenport Hotel. More combined training and socializing have continued since then. As well, the soldiers of the 161st deployed twice to Iraq, and many of the Highlanders to Afghanistan.

Video courtesy LCol M. Vernon


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